Manuka Health Wound Dressing (5x7cm)

Manuka Health Manuka Honey Wound Dressing is an advanced natural product made from a unique natural hydrogel containing sterile medical grade manuka honey. The dressing absorbs excess fluids, soothing and speeding the healing of cuts, grazes, abrasions and minor burns.

3 dressings per pack

Soothes, protects and heals.

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Manuka Honey Wound Dressing

Manuka Health Manuka Honey Wound Dressing is an advanced natural product made from a unique natural hydrogel containing sterile medical grade manuka honey. The dressing is pliable and backed with breathable stretch cloth designed to comfortably conform to the skin without sticking, for easy painless removal. The hydrogel absorbs excess fluids while soothing and cooling the area and aiding healing.

Suitable for cuts, grazes, abrasions, minor burns and surface wounds.

Apply to the wound site. Can be used in conjunction with Manuka Honey Wound Gel or therapeutic grade MGO™ Manuka Honey.

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Size Available

5cm x 7cm /  2" x 3". Each dressing can be cut to suit required application.

Pack Size

3 individually packaged dressings per pack.

Form / Type

Pliable sterile dressing

1. Prepare the wound site by cleansing as needed.

2. To apply the dressing, remove the clear plastic cover sheet from the gel. DO NOT remove the white stretch backing material. If cutting to size is necessary first, leave the clear plastic cover sheet in place.

3. Cover the wound by placing the gel side of the dressing directly on the wound.

4. Dressing must be secured well. The dressing may be secured with a bandage, elastic wrap or tape.

5. CHECKING THE WOUND This can easily be done by gently lifting one corner then pulling the whole dressing back until the wound is visible. As the dressing becomes saturated, it will look somewhat slippery and rubbery around the edges. This is a sign that the dressing needs to be changed.

6. Remove or protect with waterproof covering before showering, bathing or swimming. Can be used in conjunction with Manuka Honey Wound Gel for best results.

Allergy or sensitivity to honey or bee products.

Caution: Consult with your physician if signs of infection occur: redness, swelling, fever, etc.

Q. Can I use Manuka Health Would Dressings on open wounds as well as small cuts and scratches?
A. Yes. Manuka Health Would dressings have been designed for a number of medical and over the counter uses including:

  • Full and partical thickness wounds
  • Pressure ulcers (stages I-IV)
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Partial thickness burns (1st and 2nd degree)
  • Acute and chronic wounds
  • Traumatic wound healing by secondary intention
  • Donor sites and other surface wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Abrasions & grazes
  • Lacerations
  • Minor cuts
  • Minor scalds and burns

Q. Do the dressings stick to my skin by themselves? 
A. Manuka Health Wound Dressings are made from sterile Medical Grade New Zealand Manuka Honey Hydrogel, backed with a breathable (oxygen and moisture) permeable stretch cloth and need to be held in place with tape, bandages or compression depending on what is approprirate for the patient and the wound.

Q. The dressing is too big for what I need, do you sell a smaller size?
A. The dressing is available in two sizes - 5cm x 7cm and 10cm x 10cm. Each can be cut to suit leaving the clear plastic cover sheet in place.

Q. Does honey really assist my wound healing? 
A. Yes! The use of honey as a wound treatment therapy is as old as recorded human history. References and formulas for honey-based wound dressings can be found throughout the medical writings of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China.

Honey was used as a first line treatment until the mid-twentieth century when synthetic dressing materials and antiseptics grew in popularity at the expense of natural treatments. Regulatory reforms of the 1970s established high standards for sterility, consistency, and quality control of medical products that created new challenges for natural products in the medical marketplace, and honey was largely forgotten as a wound treatment by modern clinicians – until now!

The low pH of honey (approximately 3.5) also promotes healing by maintaining a “sour” wound environment. Low pH has been shown to increase the availability of oxygen from haemoglobin, decreasing the damaging effects of high protease activity, and creating a medium that is inhospitable to bacterial growth.

Q. Can I use the dressing more than once?
A. No, they are single use only however they are highly absorbent (absorbing three times the dressing weight). The high absorbency allows the dressing to be left in place for extended times, but will not stick to the wound bed – the result is less frequent dressing changes without risk of damage occurring to the wound bed.

Q. Can I wipe my pads down with water? 
A. Do not wash or rinse the dressings. The special hydrogel technology with Manuka Honey doesn’t respond well to water.

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