Manuka Honey and Glucosamine (250g)

Manuka Honey & Glucosamine with Bee Venom is a natural formulation designed by the experts at Manuka Health to support joint health. Delicious alternative to capsules and tablets!

Manuka Health's New Zealand MGO™ Manuka Honey comes from hives in pristine and remote areas of New Zealand, and is fully traceable from beekeeper to shelf.

For joint health.

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Manuka Honey and Glucosamine with Bee Venom

This functional food is a combination of unique New Zealand Manuka Honey renowned worldwide for its beneficial properties together with Glucosamine and New Zealand Bee Venom. Glucosamine is a natural chemical compound found in the body which helps to keep the cartilage in joints, but natural glucosamine levels drop as people age.

Bee Venom stimulates hormones such as cortisone and hydrocortisone that increase the body’s ability to fight inflammations.

BV20+ represents 20 parts per million of high quality New Zealand Bee Venom in the honey. This concentration is sufficient to assist your mobility and be within safe levels.

Glucosamine is a natural partner to Bee Venom as it has an ability to help joint movement by producing cartilage components and joint fluid.

Both of these ingredients are blended into the delicious tasting manuka honey.

Made & packed in New Zealand.

Product Code


Size Available

250g / 0.55lb

Form / Type



Food grade plastic bottle


Manuka Honey 94%, Glucosamine 5% (sourced from other countries), Bee venom 20ppm (BV 20+)


Dark brown color


Strong flavour

Size – L x W x H

6 x 6 x 8.4 cm

Manuka Honey & Glucosamine with Bee Venom supports joint movement and inflammation.

Ways to take Manuka Honey


Take 1 teaspoon 1-3 times daily

We recommend you start with a half a teaspoon. Keep it in your mouth until the honey is completely dissolved. If no allergic reaction occurs within two hours, gradually increase the dose up to 3-4 teaspoons per day. Do not take with any food or drinks.

Anyone who is allergic to bee products should consult a doctor before using Bee Venom products.

Glucosamine product is derived from crustaceans which may cause severe allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.

Q. What is Manuka Honey?
A. Manuka honey is made by bees from New Zealand Manuka flower nectar which contributes unique natural ingredients to the honey that make it different to other honeys. The power of New Zealand Manuka honey comes from the combined therapeutic properties of honey and the native Manuka tree.

Q. What can I use Manuka honey for?
A. Manuka honey has been widely researched and shown to possess numerous therapeutic benefits.

• Antibacterial

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antioxidant

• Promotes healing

Q. What are the advantages of Glucosamine and Bee venom in this product?
A. Glucosamine is specially formulated to support joint health, while Bee Venom is traditionally used to reduce inflammation. Together with Manuka honey this formula is designed to support joint health and mobility in one convenient product.

Q. What does BV20 stand for on this product?
A. The product contains 20 ppm of Bee venom used to reduce inflammation.

Q. What is the Glucosamine derivitive in this formula?
A. The glucosamine is derived from crustacean sources.

Q. Can I have too much Manuka Honey?
A. Manuka honey is a safe and healthy food. There are no known risks to eating Manuka honey as it is a natural product, but as with everything we recommend you enjoy in moderation.

Q. Is Manuka Health's Manuka honey 100% pure honey?
A. Yes. Manuka Health's Manuka honey is 100% pure honey.

Q. Is Manuka Honey safe for pregnancy?
A. We are not aware of any research which indicates that honey coudl cause problems during pregnancy. However, if there is any concern, we recommend consulting your healthcare professional.

Q. Where does Manuka Honey come from?
A. The native Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) thrives in New Zealand’s unique and challenging natural environment, acting as a natural protector and regenerator of the forest. The complexity of Manuka honey comes from New Zealand’s distinctive environment – the soils, air, wind, water and eco-systems unique to our corner of the world.

Our products are made & packed in New Zealand.

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